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Hello and welcome to the home page of Cruise Mania, ETC, and Tour Mania Travel.  I would like to share a bit about my company, myself and the agents affiliated with this company. 



This company was born out of a passion for planning trips for myself, my family, my friends and their friends. I often told people that I have almost as much fun planning a trip as I do when I arrive at the destination.


After years of living in Germany and traveling extensively throughout Europe, I knew that my passion was travel. It was then that I decided to pursue a career in the travel industry,  hence, the beginning of Cruise Mania and Tour Mania Travel.  Even though the title of my company is Cruise Mania, ETC,  I plan many FIT trips for individuals, couples, and small groups of friends and family.  Although I book travel around the world, my speciality and my passion is travel to  Europe. 


ANNE WALSH: (Founder and Owner)

Anne worked in a Travel Agency for several years in Northern Virginia. She also worked as a sales representative in the Mid-Atlantic states for a variety of tour operators, cruise lines, hotels and car rental companies. A great deal of her experience comes from the work she did arranging trips wherever she lived. Whether it was the trip she planned when she went backpacking throughout Europe or the ladies’ shopping trip to German crystal factories, she just loves  planning them.


ROD WALSH ( Co-Owner , Travel Consultant, Researcher & Golf Expert)

Rod  retired from the US Army after 26 years of duty, and retired recently  from his second career .  His passion is golf and Rod will be planning some great golf- getaways both domestically and internationally in the near future. 

                     The company has several Outside Sales Agents who work diligently at bringing business to the company.  


Thanks for visiting the site and we  look forward to assisting you with future travel plans!.   



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