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Our company is registered with all major hotels both domestically and overseas,  We can help you find the perfect accommodations whether it is at a major hotel chain, small bed and breakfast, manor home, apartment, luxury hotel, youth hostel- whatever meets your desires and budget.


Each month on this website, we will highlight a town or city and we will present some unique accommodations in that city.   We will provide a link to that accommodation should you want to book it directly,  


Check back in September to see the city we are highlighting for the month!!


Our company is an affiliate with, one of the largest online hotel booking sites in the world.  Follow this link and put in your destination and dates of travel and you can reserve your accommodations up to a year in advance.  Many hotels on this site do not require payment up front.  You give your credit card information to guarantee the booking but in most cases you can pay once you arrive at the hotel and you can cancel without penalty providing you cancel by the cancellation date.














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