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Some of my greatest travel experiences I have had the pleasure of participating in were the many trips  made on the European trains around Europe.   I recall sitting on the trains, looking out the windows onto the majestic Swiss Alps, sipping on a local bottle of  wine, while eating a chunk  of crusty bread and munching on some delicious Swiss chocolate.  It was one of those times that you think to yourself, there is no place I would rather be than right here- right now. 


Having said this, I also remember the stressful times I experienced running for the train at the last moment, getting on the wrong train, getting off at the incorrect station, sleeping in the hall of the train because the train was full,  and the list goes on.   I can only say that I wish I knew then- what I know now,  I would have saved many hours of travel time and a lot less stress!!


The European Rail System goes almost everywhere in Europe.  Where the trains don't go to, the busses and public transportation does.  There are passes for every country as well as passes for countries that border one another.  They have special passes for people traveling together, for families and  for groups.  There are regional passes in most countries that offer very good transportation at a fraction of a point-to-point ticket.  There are many types of trains from the slow and scenic ones to the sleeper cars and the  high speed Intercty trains.


Once you have an idea about the country or countries you want to visit, we are able to assist you in selecting the right pass for you.  If you do not need a pass, we can also provide information about point-to-point tickets, the cost and the schedule.


We are an affiliate with Rail Europe, the US representative for European rail. 





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