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Often times when you are done planning a trip, you think to yourself that you don't need to add yet another expence and that you don't need travel insurance.  Quite frankly, that is why you do need the insurance- to protect your investment for your trip. 


Travel insurance will provide coverage for:

-Trip Cancellation

-Coverage for Work Reason

-Trip Interruption

-Trip Interruption Return Air

-Sickness, Injury, or Death of Family Member or Traveling Companion

-PreExisting Condition Waiver

-Host at Destination

-Termination of Employment

-Travel Delay causing loss of more than 50% of trip

-Financial Default


-Unannounced Strike

-Inclement Weather

-If Home is Uninhabitable by fire or water

-Adventure Sports Acrivities

-Military Duty

Trip Delay

-Missed Connection

-Medical Expenses

-Emergency Evacuation

-Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Baggage and Ttravel Documents

-Credit Card Coverage

-Baggage Delay

-Bag Trak

and the list goes on. 


There are many upgrades and variables depending on the type of policy you select.  It is important to note that some policies must be purchased within 15 days of initial deposit in order to obtain coverage for pre-existing condition waiver  and financial default. 


Travel insurance is based on cost of trip and age of traveler.  Many policies do not charge for children traveling with adults. Our company works with Travel Guard and they have been very reliable with past clients who had to cut their trips short and return home for medical reasons. 

if you have already planned your trip and still want to get insurance, give us a call.  We can assist you with finding the best option for your travel insurance.









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