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Many people have a definite idea about the way they like to travel and the way they do not want to travel.  Here are some terms that you should be familiar with when planning your vacation.  Keep in  mind that when the term “tour” is used, it does not necessarily mean “escorted tour. “



Fit Vacation packages are designed for those traveling independently. They include a combination of two or more travel services (e.g. hotel accommodations, car rental, air transportation, sightseeing, etc.) that are offered at a "package price." Many vacation packages offer a choice of components and options, thereby enabling you to customize the package to your tastes, interests and/or budget.


ESCORTED TOUR:   An Escorted Tour can be defined as a trip taken by a group of people who travel together and follow a pre-planned itinerary.  Most tours include accommodations, a number of meals, sightseeing, land transportation, and/or other transportation, plus the services of a professional tour manager or escort who accompanies the group.



With this type of vacation, you pay one price for your accommodations, all your meals, entertainment, water activities and, in most cases, your alcoholic beverages.



Tours and vacation packages offer many important benefits. Key among these is savings. By contracting in bulk for hotels, accommodations, ground transportation, sightseeing tours, meals and other services, tour operators achieve substantial economies. The resulting savings from this volume purchasing are passed on to the traveler. In addition, the tour operators' volume purchasing often enables them to secure accommodations, airline space and other arrangements that would be virtually impossible to obtain from any other source.


Purchasing a tour or package also means peace of mind. Since you pre-pay for your trip, you know what the cost will be in advance and can budget for your vacation with greater certainty.  You'll also have the assurance that your vacation has been planned by professionals; and in the event that an unforeseen problem does arise, a tour escort, local host or some other representative of the tour operator is generally available to assist you.


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